SHARE-UMass Memorial Contract Priorities 2018


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Our Previous Agreement

In the 2016-2018 contract with UMass Memorial, we negotiated many new things. Some of them we are still working on to make real in the departments, such as the Unit-Based Teams, and the new Staffing language.

Where we are now

Below you'll find a current "state of the union," a summary of where we are on the big topics, prior to entering our 2018 Contract Negotiations. For more details, please refer to the pages referenced in the SHARE Contract online (for example, "Unit-Based Teams [p.7]," or click through the blue link for other information online.


  • 1/1/2017: $1000 Bonus + Platform Movement (2%)
  • 10/1/2017: 2% Across-the-Board + Platform Movement (2%)
  • 10/1/2017: Slotting for years-of-experience for members in peer-slotted job titles
  • Call-Back and Sleep Time policy improvements [p.24]

Health Insurance

  • SHARE Member pays 15% of Premium
  • Co-Pays didn't go up in the last contract


  • All SHARE members retain Defined Benefit Pension 
  • 1/1/2017: New pension formula implemented [p.33]
  • 1/1/2017: 401k employer contribution match doubled [p.34]
  • Raised floor in pension formula to protect lowest paid members

Respect, Having a Say, and How It Feels to Be at Work

  • Unit-Based Teams (UBTs) [p. 7]
    • SHARE members in the first pioneering group of UBTs report increased respect at work as they fixed difficult issues. 
    • Plan to spread UBT's throughout SHARE areas:
      • 2017: First 6 Teams launched
      • 2018: 9 more UBT's starting up
      • 2019: 30 more teams to come
  • Labor Management Partnership [p. 4]

Work Security

  • NEW! Income Security: 3 paid months added [p.13]
  • Layoff Notice Period increased to six weeks [p.78]


  • 2016: New language gives SHARE members access to discussions with senior hospital leaders about how staffing levels are set. [p. 41. So far, only used in a few departments, but with satisfying results]
  • PCA staffing guidelines -- still implementing
  • UBTs can work on staffing issues [p.9]


  • Disciplinary Process: Agreement to analyze and revise, still working to implement [p.74]
  • Vacation policies clarified [p.68]
  • No pay cut to take lower job if laid off [p.19]
  • Layoff seniority clarified [p.77]

Learning & Career development

  • Individualized career counseling sessions [p.10]
  • Career counseling workshops
  • Career counseling survey
  • Improved transfer and job-posting language [p.11]