Participating – in the same way that family involvement in schools improves outcomes for students, being involved in your union improves outcomes for members 

  1. Union meetings 

  1. Bring a friend to union meetings 

  1. 1-1 conversations – short break or lunch 

  1. Negotiating survey 

  1. Talk to your coworkers 

  1. Read the blog 

  1. Ask questions 

  1. Give input 

  1. Being informed, and keeping coworkers informed (dept contact, rep, eboard) 

  1. Supporting a coworker with a work issue 

  1. Union activities – chocolate day, Feb 26 Day of Action/Contract Kick-off, signature poster (picture & story), singing (hospital contract) and more to come in the school contract 

  1. Speaking at public hearings (Kathy and the GIC attempted carrier reduction) 

  1. Speaking at union events (Jameal at the Day of Action rally) 

  1. Negotiating 

  1. Lobbying 

  1. Committees so that non-exempt staff are represented 

  1. Encourage your friends and coworkers to be involved 


Jana’s recycling triangle: