Contract Agreement 2016


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is this a good contract? Does the SHARE Negotiating Team recommend voting in favor of it?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the raise?

A: The total raise-to-base for this contract period, after compounding, is 6%.

  • Additionally, there is a $1,000 dollar bonus, delivered in the 12/30/2016 paycheck.*

  • The raise structure includes:

    • 2% Year-1 Platform movement (on 1/1/17), plus

    • 2% Across-the-Board raise (on 10/1/17), plus

    • 1.93% Year-2 Platform movement.

* This is the bonus amount before taxes. If you’ve worked part time, or been here less than a year, the bonus is pro-rated. Details about the timing and structure of the raise can be found in the Contract Agreement Summary. This site allows you to find your new pay rate, and see pay rates in all of the SHARE pay grids.

Q: Do I get the full raise, even at Max?

A: Yes, you get the full raise, even at Max. We reached a new kind of agreement during this negotiations, so that raises would go to everyone’s base. Only if you’ve already reached the new “Max Cap” will raises be paid out as a lump sum bonus. (SHARE has directly contacted the handful of members who are above the Max Cap. Everyone else will have received the total of 6% in their base by October 1 of 2017.)

Q: How do I vote if I’m not working on December 20?  

A: Any SHARE member can vote at any voting location. This procedure is established by our parent organization, AFSCME, and, at this time, does not allow for absentee voting, electronic voting, etc.  

Q: Why is this contract such a big deal?

A:  SHARE and UMass Memorial have agreed to work together to improve patient care and the day-to-day experience of SHARE members. SHARE members can improve their departments as empowered partners, which can change how it feels to work here. We’ve found examples from other places that show it’s possible, and we based our union-management partnership on what we learned from them. We expect this contract to change our hospital culture.

Q: What are “Peer-Slotted Scales?” Do they affect me?

A: “Peer-slotted” jobs are those SHARE jobs with pay rates which have not previously fallen on defined pay platforms. (This applies primarily to several SHARE Technologists’ job titles.) Beginning with the new contract, these jobs will have predictable pay scales like the other SHARE jobs in the system. Anyone below platform, based on years of experience, will move up.

Q: How would the contract go into effect?

A: If a majority of voting SHARE members approve the contract at the Ratification Vote on December 20th, the new contract provisions will become effective immediately.

Q: How long does this contract go?

A: It will be a two year contract, extending through September 30, 2018.

Q: I have more questions. How do I get answers?

A: Check out the new Contract Agreement website, or contact the SHARE office (508-929-4020).