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SHARE's 20th Anniversary Celebration



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For our 20th, we're focused on easy-to-eat, pot-luck style finger-foods . . . especially chocolate

Does this recipe have any special meaning for you? Did you learn it from your grandmother? Has it ever won a contest? Have you prepared it for royalty and dignitaries? For your children? In another country? Has the dish ever resulted in an epic kitchen disaster? Tell us the story. Embellish. Exaggerate. Send photos. Draw pictures. Haiku? Why not? Have fun!
Insert your recipe here, along with any of the relevant details (number of servings, ingredients, tips for success, etc.) Sorry, we can't re-print any recipes that are already under copyright. (But it's a favorite? Consider making it your own by describing your special way of preparing it . . . and at the celebration, internet recipes and boxed brownies are all welcome, of course!) Any accompanying images can be emailed to kirk.davis@theshareunion.org
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