A new wave of SHARE Reps, having just completed the New Rep Training Program together

A new wave of SHARE Reps, having just completed the New Rep Training Program together

Listed by name below, SHARE union leaders are elected by SHARE members during annual elections. They work closely with the SHARE organizing staff and work hard to keep our union strong.

 SHARE Co-President Rita Caputo

SHARE Co-President Rita Caputo

The Executive Board (or "EBoard"), including the four officers, makes decisions about the direction of our union, and participates in contract negotiations. They are elected for two-year terms. They have responsibility for the whole union, and each board member is responsible for a few hundred members in their area. 

SHARE Representatives (or "Reps") serve as the contact person for their area. They are elected for one-year terms. There is roughly one Rep for every fifty SHARE members. Some Reps are trained to help co-workers solve problems in the workplace. In addition to the currently-elected Reps, several former Reps and unofficial Reps help members in their area keep up-to-date about current SHARE news, and help their co-workers find helpful SHARE resources.


SHARE Officers



Rita Caputo (University)                     PRIMARY CARE CLINIC

Bobbi-Jo Lewis (Memorial)                 SHARE ORGANIZING STAFF


Sandra Alafberg                                 BILLING SUPPORT SERVICES


Kathy Girouard                                  HEART & VASC INTVL LAB


SHARE Executive Board


306 Belmont

Sheldon Brown                                  AR DENIAL MGMT TEAM 1


Sharon Pichierri                                  ORTHOPEDICS CLINIC


Nancy Bickford                                   WEST 3

Laura M Welch                                   WOMENS SERVICES UROGYN

Jay Hagan                                          CAT SCAN


Tony Martocci                                    CARDIOVASC MED

Debbie Clark                                      ADMISSIONS UNIT

LeDean Buzzell                                   PEDIATRICS ADMINISTRATION

Joel Masley                                        RESPIRATORY THERAPY


Larry Madden                                    CENTRAL SCHEDULING

SHARE Representatives


306 Belmont

Kate Richardson                                 BILLING SUPPORT SERVICES

Christean Hughes                               CBO A/R

Patty Strait                                         AR DENIAL MGMT TEAM 1

Katie Kornitsky                                  AR DENIAL MGMT TEAM 2


67 Belmont

Cheryl Ferriter                                   SURGERY 67 BELMONT



Angela Robert                                    CARDIOVASCULAR CLN A CVC

Kellie Morton                                    ONCOLOGY CLINIC

Tammy Berry                                     BREAST CTR SURGICAL ONCOLOGY



Joanie Pulnik                                      BARRE HEALTH CENTER


Biotech 3

Nicole Ninteau                                   ANPA MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTIC



Kelly A Rawlston                                MEDICAL STAFF ADMIN

Wanda Dyer                                      FAMILY MEDICINE CLINIC

Eleanor A Beshai                                HAHNEMANN MAMMOGRAPHY

Julie Dingui                                        HAHNEMANN MAMMOGRAPHY



Kim Duncan                                       EMERGENCY ROOM

Brichelle Soto Guerrero                     ED REGISTRATION

Adrianna Nathan                               EMERGENCY ROOM

Kim Latrobe                                       SURGICAL VASCULAR LAB

Faye Serafin                                       WOMENS SERVICES REI

Debbie Church                                   MATERNITY-DELIVERY

Nana Kwapong                                  SOUTH 6

Tracy O'Donnell                                 FAMILY MED HOSP PROGRAM

Monique Winston                              SURGICAL ONCOLOGY

Debbie Horgan                                          PALLIATIVE CARE

Christina Sasso                                   PERINATOLOGY

Andrea Caraglior                                RESPIRATORY THERAPY

Leah Berthiaume                               MAMMOGRAPHY

Jessica Joslyn                                     RADIOLOGY DIAGNOSTIC

Claudia Twum                                    RADIOLOGY DIAGNOSTIC


Queen St

David Gogo                                        3 PTC PSYCH NURSING


Tri River

Mary Misiaszek                                  TRI RIVER CLINIC ADMIN



Kelly Yuscinsky                                   EMERGENCY ROOM

Tyler Knapp                                       OUTPATIENT REGISTRATION

Denise Savageau-Page                       EMERGENCY ROOM

Sue Maddalena                                  HEART & VASC INTVL LAB

Milka Gonzalez                                  INTERPRETER SERVICES

Sylvia Rodriguez                                 BMTU

Katrina Baer                                       NURSE STAFFING

Betty Maurais                                    LUNG/ALLERGY CENTER

Kona Enders                                      NURSING 3 WEST

Elsa M Benavides                               INTERPRETER SERVICES

Yamilka Velazquez                             INTERPRETER SERVICES

Cathy Gaulin                                      PRESCRIPTION CENTER

Vanessa De Los Santos                       TRANSPLANT CLINIC

April McIntyre                                   SURGERY ADMINISTRATION

Maria Wentworth                              PEDIATRICS ADMINISTRATION

Anita Pratt                                         PEDI ENDO/DIABETES

Nancy Bellantoni                                NEURODIAGNOSTIC CENTER

Luz Gomez                                        NEUROLOGY CLINIC

Tracey Zaczek                                    RESPIRATORY THERAPY

Marie Marley                                     RADIATION ONCOLOGY

Stephanie Pepi                                  TRAUMA SERVICES

David Leveille                                    ANGIOGRAPHY

Brian Cotoni                                      COMMUNICATION CENTER

Jen O'Loughlin                                   CAT SCAN

Rich Leufstedt                                   RADIOLOGY DIAGNOSTIC



Jennifer Mensah                                CENTRAL SCHEDULING

Nicole Bragg                                      PATIENT ACCESS SVS PRE ARRIVAL

Jackie Brammer                                 CENTRAL SCHEDULING

Susan E. Johnson                               CENTRAL SCHEDULING

Megan Bosworth                               CENTRAL SCHEDULING