Harvard Works Because They Do

SHARE is glad to have secured four more years of strong benefits and wages with our recent contract. At the same time, our sister union at Harvard University, the Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers (HUCTW), is currently working hard to negotiate their own contract. The biggest issues involved will sound familiar to you: health insurance, pensions, and raises.

In recent years--when the economy impacted the university's finances, and the stock market crash hit the Harvard endowment--HUCTW members made sacrifices. More recently, however, Harvard University has seen its financial situation improve. Harvard has fortunately been able to invest many millions in new and exciting projects, including campus expansion and financial aid for students. In one example, the University earlier this year committed $30 million to EdX, a collaboration with MIT to offer courses online and free to the public. Unfortunately, while the university prospers, they continue to ask the employees to sacrifice.

Last week, HUCTW rallied over 600 members and supporters for a "Stand Out" event in Harvard Yard in support of the union contract. SHARE supports HUCTW in their efforts. For more information, please visit the HUCTW Negotiations website.