New Contract Language: Outsourcing, Closing, or Selling Parts of UMass Memorial

In the last contract negotiations, we added a section about contracting out and selling off parts of UMass Memorial. With the recent sale of Home Health and the Outreach part of Anatomic Pathology, it seemed really important to come to an understanding about this trend. Here's what the contract now says:

SHARE and UMass Memorial agree that we will do everything possible to avoid layoffs from outsourcing, closing, contracting out or selling parts of UMass Memorial. 
When UMass Memorial considers outsourcing, closing, or selling a part of the hospital that would result in job loss or changes for SHARE members, SHARE will be notified as early in the decision-making process as is reasonable under the circumstances. The employer and the union will meet to determine if it can be avoided. Alternative proposals from SHARE for restructuring the work, or other ways to resolve the problem, will be given serious consideration.  
If, after discussion, UMass Memorial concludes that it is still necessary to outsource, close, or sell part of the hospital, SHARE members will become work-security candidates, with access to the full work security program (see “Layoffs and Work Security”).  
In the event that a SHARE member’s position is reopened within the UMass Memorial system after contracting out, closing, or sale, the SHARE member will retain the right to recall to an open position in their old department for which they are qualified, with full bridging of service for the time he or she was away up to six years. 
SHARE and UMass Memorial will explore providing additional options within the work security program to help place SHARE members when a group is laid off in a job title that is difficult to place within UMass Memorial Medical Center.