A Conversation with Alana Wesson

As a first installment in a series of profiles of SHARE leaders and members, we present: Alana Wesson! Alana is a Worcester native. She worked at the Memorial Hospital for 35 years, wearing a range of hats, in departments including Bed-Control, the EICU, and on many of the nursing floors at Memorial. (She spent a year at Hahnemann, too, but who's counting?) Alana spent some of that time as SHARE co-president, before joining the SHARE staff as a full-time organizer.

And now, we are sorry to say, Alana has rented herself a condo near the coast. She works at a charming little inn, and intends to spend as much of her time as she can combing the shore for beach glass.

Alana has been a good friend to many in our hospital community. I’m really lucky to have been one of them. I wanted to ask Alana for a few candid thoughts about her work in the hospital and with our union, for posterity, and, more selfishly, for advice. Here’s how that conversation went . . .