Five-Tidbit Friday: October 9, 2015

FREE CLASSES Did you know you could take free online courses, many of them for credit, from other leading universities such as MIT, Harvard, BU, Columbia, Berkeley, and Berklee at

WATCH THIS In this video, Margaret Heffernan makes a compelling case for getting rid of the pecking order, ditching “the superchicken model,” and helping one another at work.

JANET SAYS HI This weekend, SHARE organizer Janet Wilder joins UMass Memorial system leaders in Appleton, Wisconsin to look under the hood at Thedacare, a hospital network that claims “employees [of Thedacare] created a hospital department from the ground up – not only changing how rooms were designed, but also how care is delivered at the bedside. Janet will have a full report when she gets back.

WORKPLACE DEMOCRACY Earlier this week, Senator Bernie Sanders introduced The Workplace Democracy Act, an amendment to the National Labor Relations Act designed to undo “Right-to-Work” laws and other barriers to unions. Meanwhile, the White House hosted the Summit on Worker Voice.


See you here next Friday! Hope you have a great weekend.