Workplace Violence Discussion this Friday

According to OSHA statistics, healthcare workers are four times more likely than employees in private industry to encounter workplace violence, and the rates are increasing. Patient care poses unique challenges, and many SHARE members are at increased risk.
To address the concerns in our hospital, a Workplace Violence Panel Discussion will be held this Friday, July 28, noon to 1 pm, in Amphitheatre III, on the University Campus. (The panel discussion will also be broadcast in the Memorial Campus Amphitheater and  in the Hahnemann Campus, 2nd Floor Conference Room, and recorded for on-demand viewing.)
Getting free from work responsibilities can be hectic--especially while navigating the busy lunchtime elevators and finding something to eat; managers are being encouraged to provide coverage to ensure that front-line employees from many areas can attend.
If you would like to come and learn more about how to curb the violence, and the ways that our hospital is addressing the problem, please talk with your supervisor or manager.
To reach Amphitheatre III from the main UMMS entrance, take a left at the main corridor and take the second right to locate the elevators. Take the elevator to either the 6th or 7th floor and follow posted signs to the entrance.