Parking Rate Increase

You've probably seen the memo that went out today about parking rates increasing as of July 2012.  Hopefully you also saw the part in the beginning of the email that we've highlighted below! 

Note to UMass Memorial Medical Center employees: The parking rate increases discussed below only apply to the parking areas noted in the memo. Rates on other UMass Memorial properties are not impacted by this increase. For those Medical Center employees represented by a labor union, any change in parking rates will be governed by the terms of the applicable collective bargaining agreement. Nothing will change until we negotiate about it. We can be pretty sure that management will propose these same parking rate increases to the SHARE Negotiating Team for our next contract. (The same thing goes for the recent earned time and pension changes for non-union staff at UMass Memorial -- it's very likely that UMass Memorial management will propose those changes for SHARE members too.) Stay tuned.

UPDATE: A link to the memo as a PDF.