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December 1, 2016

Dear SHARE member,

The SHARE Negotiating Team (your elected SHARE Executive Board plus SHARE Organizers) has been meeting with management to bring SHARE members’ concerns and hopes and experiences to the table. We are proud and very happy to announce that we have a tentative agreement with UMass Memorial for a 2-year contract. It will go into effect if SHARE members vote Yes.


We encourage you to VOTE Yes to ratify this contract on December 20!


The raises in the tentative contract are solid. We are holding onto our health insurance and pension. Equally important, SHARE members told the SHARE Negotiating Team – in the survey, on the poster, and in many conversations – that being more respected and having more of a say would improve their day-to-day experience. This contract makes real progress in that direction.


New Labor Management Partnership Formed


SHARE and UMass Memorial have agreed to work together to improve patient care and the day-to-day experience of SHARE members. They are connected – SHARE members can contribute to improving their departments when they are given the tools and treated like partners, which changes how it feels to work here. We’ve found examples from other places that show it’s possible, and we based our union-management partnership on what we learned from them.


Highlights of the Partnership – read more in the summary:

  • We’re moving our hospitals toward a team-based model of working

  • Roles of supervisors and SHARE members will change over time for the better with teams

  • Commitment to Work Security: New Income Security period of up to 3 paid months, and new career counseling and workforce planning

  • Labor Management Partnership Council co-chaired by SHARE and UMass Memorial leaders.


The Tough Parts


There were difficult subjects in these negotiations, especially raises and leaves of absence. Management is worried about FY17 finances because of Epic costs, and Medicare and Medicaid cuts. The SHARE negotiating team felt strongly that SHARE members need good raise to recognize our hard work. It took a while to find a solution that works for both sides.


About leaves of absence, managers say it is difficult to staff their departments partly due to leaves of absence. And we hear complaints about leaves from some SHARE members too. On the other hand, SHARE members need to be able to take care of themselves and their families in case of illness or injury. New laws, like the Mass Sick Leave law, and new interpretations of laws, like the Americans with Disabilities Act, have expanded employees’ protections.


There was some give and take in these negotiations. SHARE made what we believe is a reasonable compromise around leaves of absence – see the summary for more details. On raises, we agreed to a bonus as part of our raise for 2016, with a strong raise in the second year. We believe that the total package of this proposed contract is very good for SHARE members, and good for the hospital too.


SHARE Members Made It Happen


These contract negotiations involved thousands of SHARE members:

  • 1600 SHARE members took the contract survey last fall.

  • Hundreds of SHARE members came to SHARE information meetings during the last year to talk about our priorities and negotiations, plus countless more shared their thoughts in one-on-one conversations.

  • 2100 SHARE members signed the signature poster in support of our priorities.

  • SHARE members came to poster unveiling events and hung up many, many SHARE signature posters throughout our hospitals.

  • Hundreds of SHARE members made their voices heard at the Sing Along for a Strong Contract events at four locations.

  • And SHARE members were ready to keep doing what needed to be done to get a good contract.


We couldn’t have done it without you – Congratulations on your contract!


SHARE Information Meetings and Ratification Vote


See the SHARE Hospital Calendar for details about SHARE information meetings, and the ratification vote on December 20th.


Thanks again for all your support –


The SHARE Negotiating Team


Sandy Alafberg

Kirk Davis

Carol Hehir

Joel Masley

Nancy Bickford

Debbie Engvall

Jana Hollingsworth

Sharon Pichierri

Sheldon Brown

Will Erickson

Deb Largesse

Maddy Popkin

LeDean Buzzell

Kathy Girouard

Bobbi-Jo Lewis

Martha Robb

Rita Caputo

Dylan Goodman

Larry Madden

Elisabeth Szanto

Debbie Clark

Jay Hagan

Marie Manna

Janet Wilder