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Overcommunication makes our union strong   

Overcommunication makes our union strong


We're excited to let you know that we're upgrading our communications! If you're getting this blog update, it means you're a member of the SHARE organizing staff, and you're serving as a guinea pig for the Comms Team right now. 

SHARE members will begin receiving blog posts directly to their inboxes at work. They can also subscribe their personal home addresses, simply by including their address in a submission box at the top of the screen, and responding to a confirmation email. 

We'll explain this to members of each local in a blog post, and direct them to check out other recent blog posts they might have missed. If you want a particular topic highlighted on our blog, please tell a member of the Comms team. We'd love your contributions, and to help you get your ideas published.

Members of the bargaining unit will automatically be subscribed, and, as you will see in the email, can opt-out by simply unsubscribing. 

Thank you in advance for any feedback!