SHARE Contract Negotiations: Information Meeting Dates

As we get closer to July 1, SHARE members are naturally wondering what is happening with their raises. There has been a lot of activity and discussion over the last few weeks. Please join us at one of our upcoming information meetings for an update and discussion:

Thursday 6/26     12-1:30    Main Campus - AS8.2072
Monday 6/30       12-1:30    South St - Italy Conference Room
Tuesday 7/8        12-2         Main Campus - AS5.2072 
Thursday 7/10     12-2         South St - USA Conference Room

Come to whatever portion of the meeting that you can on your lunch break. The agenda will last 20-30 minutes and then start again. If you're unable to join us at one of these times, please call the SHARE office at (508) 929-4020. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have, or to set up an additional meeting time in your particular area.