Contract Agreement

We are happy to announce that the SHARE negotiating team has made a tentative contract agreement with UMMS. We will hold a ratification vote on Thursday, July 24. A “yes” vote by a majority of the SHARE members voting makes the agreement official.

Highlights of the agreement:
  • 5 years (June 2013-June 2018) with annual raises, including raise for last year retroactive to June 30, 2013, and raise for this year retroactive to June 29, 2014
  • Progressive “floor” raise protects lower paid employees; increases in grade maximums every year provides raise to base for people at max; structural increases for anyone falling too far behind in their grade; and additional lump sum bonuses in 2015, 2016 and 2017 for Exceeds or Outstanding performance review
  • Childcare fund continues with funding every year
  • Current employees continue to receive 3 Personal Days per year
  • Holidays still count toward 40 hours needed for overtime
  • No change in overtime rules for three 24-hour or 7-day departments: Psychiatry CCU, Animal Medicine, and Public Safety
  • Joint Labor-Management committee on Career Development and Training
  • No increase in parking rates without discussion with the union
  • Agreement is actually two contracts, a 3-year contract and a 2-year contract, which will be voted on at the same time. (State law does not allow contracts longer than 3 years.)
This was a difficult negotiation, and our agreement would not have been possible without the active participation of hundreds of SHARE members. By responding to the surveys, wearing SHARE buttons, staying informed and giving feedback, keeping coworkers up-to-date and signing the beautiful “We Make a Difference” poster, members showed that they were paying attention and supporting their negotiating team. We believe this is the best agreement we could get at this time and we are recommending a “yes” vote.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the topics above and others. You will also receive a copy of all of this information in the mail. Please read it, ask your questions, and don’t forget to vote on July 24!

Times and locations for information meetings, and for the ratification vote, are below. There is also one more meeting this week, Thursday (July 11), at South Street, 12-2, in the USA conference room.


The SHARE Negotiating Team:
Kathy Bateman                        Andrea Caceres                       Kirk Davis                   
Deb Engvall                             Jana Hollingsworth                 Sherry Nguyen            
Kris Rondeau                           Elisabeth Szanto                      Dianne Williams

Contract Information Meetings

Please come on your lunch break to whatever portion of the meeting that you can. The agenda will last 30 minutes and then start again.

     Tuesday, July 15          South Street     England CR                     12-2pm
     Wednesday, July 16     Animal Med     AMED LRB Break Rm   12-1pm
     Wednesday, July 16     Pysch CCU     CCU Conf Room             2:30-3:30pm
     Thursday, July 17         LRB                Michaelson CR                12-2pm
     Friday, July 18             Animal Med     AMED A-level CR          11:30-1pm
     Monday, July 21          South Street     England CR                     12-2pm
     Wednesday, July 23    Sherman           AS5.2072                       12-2pm

If none of these meetings work for you, give us a call at the SHARE office at (508) 929-4020. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have, or to set up an additional meeting time in your particular area.

Ratification Vote – Thursday, July 24

The proposed contract is only a tentative agreement until it is ratified by SHARE members. Please come and vote on your break or lunch at one of the locations below.  You must be a SHARE member to vote on the contract. If you have not signed your membership card, you can sign up at the polls.

Main Campus    10am - 4pm             Old School Lobby
South Street       10:30am - 2pm        USA Conference Room                                   
Psych CCU         7am - 8am               1st Floor Conference Room
Psych CCU         2:30pm - 4pm          2nd Floor Conference Room

Other Locations: Any SHARE member can vote at any location. SHARE members who work at offsite locations are welcome to vote at the Main Campus or at South Street, however we will also be arranging voting opportunities for members at the following offsite locations:

Maple Ave
Shaw Building
Biotech One, Biotech Two, Biotech Four; Biotech Five
Worcester State Hospital campus buildings other than CCU
328 Shrewsbury St
Bedford  & N Quincy

If you have questions about voting at an offsite location, or work at a location not listed above, please email Elisabeth at the SHARE office: or call 508-929-4020 ext. 10.

Everyone is welcome to join us for the ballot count 
at 4:00pm on Thursday, July 24, 
in S1-123 in the old School building.

We are sorry, but our election rules do not allow absentee ballots.