Raises and Retro - Q & A

Q. When will I get my raise and retro?

A. We do not have a firm date. We expect that it will be some time in the fall. Before the raise and retro can be processed, the following things need to happen:
  1. SHARE members ratify the contract DONE
  2. SHARE negotiators sign Memorandum of Understanding - DONE
  3. UMMS negotiators sign Memorandum of Understanding - DONE
  4. Agreements from MOU merged into existing contract language:
    • UMMS edit contract DONE
    • SHARE review and respond DONE
    • meeting to iron out remaining questions DONE
  5. SHARE representatives sign merged contract language DONE
  6. UMMS management representatives sign merged contract language DONE
  7. University of Massachusetts HR and President sign merged contract language - DONE
  8. UMMS HR compensation and Payroll process the raises - DONE
This whole process usually takes much longer than anyone expects. The piece that we have the least influence over is the timing of step 7. We will keep this site updated about the progress, and we appreciate your patience.

Q. Will the retro be paid in a regular paycheck or a separate check?

A. The retro will be paid in a regular paycheck. This may increase the rate at which taxes are withheld in that check. If taxes are taken out at a higher rate than you actually owe, you will get the extra back when you file your taxes (or you will owe less).

Q. Will retirement benefits be withheld from the retro?

A. Yes. Retirement benefits will be taken out, and the amount of the retro will count towards retirement.

Q. What if I transfer or leave before the raise and retro are delivered?

A. There are a few possible situations:
  • If you transfer within SHARE, you will still get the raise and retro. 
  • If you transfer out of SHARE to a non-union UMMS position, and miss both the SHARE raise and the non-union raise, we have an agreement with the Medical School that we will meet to discuss what to do.
  • If you would like to discuss your situation, please email jana.hol@theshareunion.org.