Raises and Retro - Progress Report

We are getting closer to getting the raise and retro delivered. The new contract provisions have been merged into the old contract language, cross-checked, and agreed on. Also, the SHARE negotiating team has signed the new integrated contract.

Now the Medical School's representatives will review it one more time and sign it, and then send it to the University of Massachusetts President's office to be reviewed by them, and signed. In the meanwhile, UMMS HR Operations is already preparing to process the raises and retro as soon as possible after it is signed by the President's office.

Unfortunately, we won't have a firm date for the raises or the retro until the last signature is obtained. We are doing what we can to get this done as quickly as possible, so that SHARE members can have the raises and retro that are coming to them. We will continue to update the "Raises and Retro - Q & A" post as the contract makes it's way through the signature process.