2016-2017 SHARE Leaders

Congratulations to the new and returning SHARE representatives, who are now considered elected! 

Many thanks to those who served last year as SHARE Reps and Executive Board members and have since stepped down because of promotions, new jobs, retirement and other responsibilities. And congratulations to new and continuing Reps and Executive Board members.

Our elected SHARE leaders are listed here below.

Holly St. Jean, DCS -- Co-President
Kathleen Bateman, Pathology -- Co-President
Erika Rios, DES-OH -- Treasurer
Tammy Brailey, MaPS -- At-large Executive Board Member
A. J. Iaconi, Psych CCU -- At-large Executive Board Member
Valerie Mount, Animal Medicine -- At-large Executive Board Member
Tina Pierce, Office of Undergrad Med Ed -- At-large Executive Board Member


Main Campus
Christopher Barry, Animal Medicine
Beverly Potts, Animal Medicine 
Karen Lekas, Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology
Heidi Beberman, Bioinformatics & Integrative Biology
Kerry Magoun, Environmental Health and Safety
Sue Collette, Medical Education
Sue Graceffa, Molecular Medicine 

South Street 
Belinda O'Brien, DES
Lidia Miranda, DES 
Stephanie Therrien, Medicare Appeals

Antonio Jimenez, Psych --CCU
Ashley Richard, Psych -- CCU
Charles Williams, Psych -- CCU

Child Care Fund Coordinator
Dianne Williams, Psych --SPARC

An Area Rep keeps in touch with up co-workers in their area, helping to make sure that members' questions are answered and their opinions and concerns are heard. If you would like to be involved, please let us know -- extra volunteers are always welcome and needed.

Executive Board members help keep in touch with co-workers in their area too, but also with members campus-wide. They also meet monthly about what is going on in the whole union, make decisions about issues facing the union, and participate in contract negotiations when they are happening.