SHARE Members ratify 2018-2021 Contract!


Last week, the contract was approved by SHARE members with a 95% “Yes” vote! We had pretty good turnout too – 57% of SHARE members voted. Thanks to everyone who came out to vote, or in some cases came IN to vote on their day off. Participation makes our union strong.


The next steps are:

  1. Update the old contract with the new language – in process

  2. The SHARE and UMMS negotiating teams sign the updated contract

  3. UMMS and UMass system leadership sign the updated contract

  4. HR Compensation calculates what everyone is owed and sends it to Payroll

  5. Payroll processes the raises and the retro

  6. We start working with UMMS on the other new contract provisions


Please come to information meetings to learn the newest updates or follow our blog posts.


Congratulations to all SHARE members for a good contract campaign. Onward!


The SHARE Team