Raise & Retro Processing Update

The raises and the retro process continues to be slower than we want it to be. Unfortunately, UMMS HR is not allowed to process the raises until the UMass system President signs the contract. We still do not have a definite date for when the raises and retro will be paid, but some more progress has been made.

  • The contract is still at the UMass system’s President’s office, waiting for the President’s signature. Everyone else who needs to sign the contract has signed it.

  • We have a commitment from the Medical School’s HR that the minute the President signs the contract, they will let Payroll know to start paying SHARE members at their new higher rates. Depending on the timing, the retro may be in the same paycheck or soon after, but the raise will start as soon as they are allowed to pay it.

We are frustrated about the timing and have heard from some members that they are also tired of waiting. There does not seem to be any good reason for it, but we have heard that the other UMMS unions who recently negotiated their contracts are also still waiting. Remember, the longer this goes on, the bigger the retro gets, and you will get what you are owed. We will find out more and be in touch again next week.


At-a-glance: Contract Implementation Steps – updated 12/27/18

  1. Update the old contract with the new language and verify accuracy – DONE

  2. The SHARE and UMMS negotiating teams sign the updated contract – DONE

  3. UMMS and UMass system leadership sign the updated contract:

    • UMMS leadership signs – DONE

    • UMass System leadership signs – in process – one done, one to go

  4. HR Compensation calculates everyone’s new pay rate and sends it to Payroll – DONE

  5. Payroll processes the raises

  6. HR Compensation calculates what everyone is owed for retro, based on how long it has been, and sends it to Payroll

  7. Payroll processes the retro

  8. We start working with UMMS on the other new contract provisions