Nominations for SHARE Reps and Executive Board Members

Once a year, SHARE members can nominate themselves or another member to be a SHARE Rep or a SHARE Executive Board Member. If there are more nominees than positions, SHARE members vote in a secret ballot election. Usually this takes place in October, but this year we were delayed by contract ratification and implementation.

Nominations will be open from Tuesday, January 22 until Wednesday, February 6 at noon

SHARE members will receive a mailing at home with details about how to nominate someone, and when and where to vote if there are competitive elections.

About the different roles


There is a Union Rep for approximately every 50 SHARE members.  A Rep is a contact person for their area. Union Reps get training from SHARE to move information between co-workers and union leadership. 

There are 35 SHARE Representative positions. Their term will go through October 2019, when there will be a new round of nominations.

SHARE Executive Board Members:

Executive Board members have responsibility for the whole union. They make decisions about the direction of our union and participate in contract negotiations.

There are 4 Executive Board positions up for election now: Vice-President; Treasurer; and two at-large Executive Board members. Their term will go through October 2020. (The other four Executive Board positions will be up for election in October 2019, and their term will go through 2021.)


If you want to talk about what it would be like to be a SHARE Rep or to be on the Executive Board, or if you have other questions, please call the SHARE office at 508-929-4020, or talk to someone you know who is involved with SHARE.