Reclassification Process and Jan 30 Deadline

One of the agreements in the new SHARE contract gives individual SHARE members the right to request reclassification of their job through the union. We want to explain this process, and let you know that the deadline for applying this year is January 30. The form is here. Please read below.

What is reclassification?

Reclassification means changing the grade level for a job. If the grade level assigned to a particular title no longer seems to match the level of work responsibilities, a job may need to be reclassified.

How does UMMS handle reclassification?

Under the UMMS Job Evaluation Policy, your manager can make a request on your behalf for the HR Compensation Department to review your job. HR Compensation evaluates the job description, consults with your manager, looking at the level of the job responsibilities, and how they compare to other jobs inside and outside of UMMS, and determines whether the grade is appropriate.

What does the new contract language say?

UMMS has agreed to do some reclassification reviews that are not initiated by a department manager. SHARE can submit up to 10 individuals per year to HR for review. The deadline each year is January 30.

Example: Someone was hired as an Admin I, new responsibilities were added, and they now fit better in an Admin II job description. They can request a review of their job and present arguments for changing the grade.

There is another part of the Reclassification article about reviewing whole titles. For example, SHARE believes that the position of Mental Health Counselor is underpaid as a group. Those groups will be handled separately.

How will the ten individuals be chosen?

Because our unit is big, and our slots are limited, preference will be given to people who:

1)     have already tried to use the Job Evaluation process but been unsuccessful; and

2)     have the strongest business case for reclassification of their job

Anyone not chosen this year can apply again next year.

What should I do if I think my job should be reclassified?

  1. Do your research: Ask HR for copies of the job descriptions for your job title and for any job titles you think would better match your job responsibilities. What job title do you think you should have? How does the job description match up?

  2. Talk to your manager: Tell them what you are thinking, and why. Show them the job descriptions. Ask what they think, and why.

    • If they agree with you, that’s great. See if they will submit your job to HR for review. There is no deadline for managers submitting these requests, and no ten-person limit.

    • If they disagree, try to get a clear understanding of where you and they disagree.

  3. Apply by January 30: If your manager isn’t going to submit your job for reclassification review but you still think it should be reviewed, fill out a Reclassification Review Request application and send it by January 30 to Human Resources ( and SHARE ( Please cc your manager.

If you would like help thinking about this, please talk to a SHARE Rep, call the SHARE office at 508-929-4020, or email