Raises and Retro Coming 1/25/2019

Good news: SHARE members will receive their raise and retro payment in the 1/25/19 paycheck.

SHARE members worked together to get this contract. Now we will see some of the fruits of our labors:

  • Raise is $0.50/hour or 2%, whichever is higher, for most SHARE members

    (see What raise am I eligible for? below)

  • Raise is fully retroactive to 6/24/18

  • Next raise is effective July 2019

How do I calculate my retro?

The paycheck on 1/25/19 will have the correct, higher, hourly rates for the pay period 1/6/19 - 1/19/19. So retro goes back 28 weeks (6/24/18 to 1/5/19). To find out the total pre-tax amount of retro, multiply:

your hourly raise  x  your hours per week  x  the number of weeks.

For example:

if your raise is $0.50/hour, and you work 40 hours/week, and you are owed retro for 28 weeks

then your pre-tax retro =   0.50   x    40    x    28   =   $560

If your raise or weekly hours are different from the example, then use your numbers instead.

What raise am I eligible for?

Non-standard raise amounts:

  • You have to have been here since 6/24/18 to be eligible for this year’s raise

  • If you were in 6-month probationary period on 6/24/18, raise is 1.5% after probationary period

  • Any amount of a raise that would bring your pay rate over grade max is paid out as a bonus

Additional raises and bonuses:

  • If you make less than the structural level for your years of service, you get additional increase

  • If you make less than the new grade min, or less than $15/hour, you get additional increase

  • Merit bonuses will be paid out for Exceeds or Outstanding evaluations

Why do we have to wait another pay period?

Human Resources couldn’t calculate the amount of retro each SHARE member is owed until they knew how many weeks of retroactive pay there would be. Since the UMass President has signed the contract, we know the number of weeks of retroactive pay, and HR is now calculating and cross-checking the amounts.


At-a-glance: Contract Implementation Steps – updated 1/2/2019

  1. Update the old contract with the new language and verify accuracy – DONE

  2. The SHARE and UMMS negotiating teams sign the updated contract – DONE

  3. UMMS and UMass system leadership sign the updated contract:

    • UMMS leadership signs – DONE

    • UMass System leadership signs – DONE

  4. HR Compensation calculates everyone’s new pay rate and sends it to Payroll – DONE

  5. Payroll processes the raises - in process – due 1/25/19

  6. HR Compensation calculates what everyone is owed for retro, based on how long it has been, and sends it to Payroll - in process

  7. Payroll processes the retro - in process – due 1/25/19

  8. We start working with UMMS on the other new contract provisions – in process