Elected Leadership

In the coming year, our Executive Board members will be around the table with management negotiating our next contract, while our representatives have stepped up as union point-people and resources for their coworkers.

Congratulations and thank you to all of our new and continuing elected SHARE leaders, listed below.



Kathleen Bateman, Pathology -- President

A.J. Iaconi, Psych CCU -- Treasurer

Jameal Jackson, CEAP South Street -- At-large Executive Board Member

Antonio Jimenez, Psych CCU -- At-large Executive Board Member

Valerie Mount, Animal Medicine -- At-large Executive Board Member

Tina Pierce, Office of Undergrad Med Ed -- At-large Executive Board Member




Danielle Brewster, Psych --CCU

Charles Gayflor, Psych -- CCU

Devon Poirier, Psych – CCU

Main Campus

Christopher Barry, Animal Medicine

Beverly Potts, Animal Medicine

Carlos Ortiz, Asset Management

Karen Lekas, Biochemistry & Molecular Pharmacology

Tara Washington, Bursar

Lisa Mendes, Medicine

Feston Idrizi, Molecular Cell & Cancer Biology

Daneal Portman, Molecular Cell & Cancer Biology

Sharlene Hubbard, Pathology
Cody Whitcomb, Cardiovascular


Max Trojano, Psychiatry Clinical Research

Ryan Bottary, Emergency Medicine

South Street

Melanie Gazdzik, CEAP

Belinda O'Brien, DES

Stephanie Therrien, Medicare Appeals

And thank you all for strengthening SHARE.



If you have interest in becoming a point person for your department, please reach out to us. Extra volunteers are always wanted and needed!