pre-Thanksgiving update

We want to wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving, and to give you an update on a few union issues.


Of the 55 SHARE members who were affected by the layoffs this fall, twelve people are still looking for a new job in the system. Congratulations to those who found a new position, and good luck in your new job! SHARE Reps continue to support the twelve who are still looking. Many thanks to all the SHARE Reps who helped members through the layoff. Our best wishes to those who have decided to take the layoff and retire, go back to school, or move on to something else, including some wonderful people who volunteered to be laid off so that others could stay!

Health Insurance Rates

We are continuing to work on this issue, and will keep you updated as we go along.

No Dues Increase

There will be no increase in SHARE dues in 2011. The rate is set by our national union, AFSCME, and is based on the average wage increase of the million-plus AFSCME members over the past year. The average increase across the country was so close to zero that there will be no increase in dues this year.
Best wishes to you and your family!