Signature Poster in Support of Our Contract

Our union's negotiating team is currently at work on the next SHARE contract. We are asking you to join thousands of other SHARE members here at UMass Memorial in adding your signature to a poster that will contain the language at the bottom of this post.

You may have seen a similar poster in the hospital from a few years ago, one that looks like this------>

All those tiny signatures represent over 2,000 SHARE members standing together for a strong contract. It's a powerful message.

When we have enough signatures this time, we will print copies of the poster for members to hang in their workplaces as a way of demonstrating their strong support for the negotiating team and their goals.

UMass Memorial Works Because We Do

We are the members of SHARE at UMass Memorial Medical Center. We enter our contract negotiations with UMass Memorial in good faith, ready to find creative solutions to difficult problems.

We Believe in our Future. We are committed to the success of our hospitals and to providing high quality, caring, and affordable healthcare to our families, our friends and our communities in Central Massachusetts. We know that our hospital will have to change to continue to provide excellent care and stay financially healthy.

We Believe in Participation. We are committed to having a voice in charting a future course for our hospitals. Our knowledge and experience helps improve patient care when we are involved in decision-making.

We Believe in Economic Fairness. UMass Memorial needs to cut costs, not shift costs onto employees who can’t afford it. No group should be asked to pay more than they can. Our paid time off, health insurance, pensions and work security help people move into and stay in the middle class. When our lives are stable, we can take better care of our patients.

We Will Stick Together, through our union, to move forward. Our patients, our families, and our community are depending on us.

Pro-Patient • Pro-Union