Food Survey Results . . . and tasty things to come

Hi all! We have some preliminary feedback about the SHARE Food Survey. We'll provide a full breakdown of the results soon. In the meanwhile, if you would still like to tell us about the food situation at your work site, we're still interested to use your ideas and incorporate your feedback into the results.

So far we've received over 650 Food Survey responses, primarily from SHARE members. We're learning a lot about meals and meal-breaks in all of the SHARE hospital and school locations. Among other things, the survey clearly demonstrates that SHARE members have a real interest in the quality, cost, healthfulness, and efficiency of the food offered at the cafeterias. When respondents reported how many times per day they eat in a cafeteria, the results were:

  • once: 49%
  • twice: 32%
  • 3 or more times: 19%

Already, as a result of our conversations with cafeteria management, together with representatives from WooFood, we're seeing healthful improvements in the fare.  We're optimistic that this ongoing conversation can be a part of the change that we intend to see in our hospital. We want our break areas be places where we can eat well and enjoy spending time. We want, too, for our cafeterias to be places that serve as an extension of our care to patients and the community.

Also! Speaking of food, how about a virtual recipe swap? Any interest in a vegetable gardening club? Wouldn't it be a good idea to share reviews of local restaurants? Talk to your area SHARE representative, or give me a holler ( x18) if you have an idea, want to get involved . . . or just have a favorite recipe that you'd like to confer to the SHARE blog readers. More soon!