Chocolate Day 2015: Save the Date

Members of our sister union at UMass Medical School have much to celebrate. They are currently receiving copies of their new contracts; Labor Day will be here soon, along with the beginning of the new school year; and, together, we will all soon be celebrating our 18th year as a union.

Accordingly, you're invited to save the date for one of the finest SHARE traditions, CHOCOLATE DAY! We will be spreading chocolate-y cheer throughout UMMS in September. If you happen to be on the University campus, please plan to stop by and join the festivities at the main event:

Friday, September 18th, on the Main Campus, Faculty Conference Room, from 11:30a-2:00p

Chocolate Day has been a tradition since 2005. Everyone is welcome to join us in the celebration -- SHARE members from the School and Hospital, other union members, non-union staff, managers, doctors, students, friends, family.

We encourage you to support our friends in the Medical School, and to show off your own chocolate handiwork by donating some homemade chocolate goodies to Chocolate Day.