Small SHARE dues increase in 2017

How much will SHARE union dues be in 2017?

For 2017 dues will increase for most SHARE members by 17 cents per week. The old and dues new rates are below. The new rate will be effective on the first pay check you receive in January 2017.

Per Week
2016 rate
2017 rate
Regular dues rate

Where does the money go?
The money from dues supports the work that SHARE does. It pays for the organizers' salaries, office rent and supplies, phones, printing costs and postage for mailings –  all the things we need to negotiate good contracts, keep people informed, help members to solve problems if they come up, and to support members in having a voice in the workplace. A portion of the dues also goes to our national union, AFSCME, in Washington, and helps to pay for other groups of employees forming unions in their workplaces, and for research and lobbying.

How is the dues increase determined?

Our national union, AFSCME, calculates the annual increase based on the average raise for AFSCME members across the country. The new rate goes into effect each January.

Are my SHARE dues eating up my raise every year?

No. The dues increase is 17 cents per week, so one hour of your 1/1/2017 raise more than pays for it. Every year SHARE members get bigger raises than non-union employees. The difference between a union raise and non-union raise is small some years and bigger in other years, but the difference definitely adds up over time. In addition, SHARE has worked hard to keep the employee share of the cost of health insurance low, which saves money for SHARE members. Each year the advantage of being in SHARE grows by having a voice in issues that affect us.

In what ways does having a union give SHARE members a voice?
  • In contract negotiations, we have a voice in our pay, benefits and work policies.
  • In union meetings and individual conversations, we have a voice in the direction and priorities of the union.
  • Through the problem-solving process, we have a voice when individual problems or conflicts come up at work.
  • In union elections, we have a voice in who our representatives will be.
  • Through committees and ad-hoc negotiations, we have a voice in issues that face groups of SHARE members. 


You can talk to any of our E-board members or local reps who are active with SHARE, or call the SHARE office at 508-929-4020 or email a SHARE organizer (click here for a directory).