SHARE Encourages You to Complete the Caregiver Engagement Survey

Please fill out the survey! We encourage your thoughtful, honest feedback. Why?

Survey Data Helps SHARE

Did you know? The SHARE Union at UMass Memorial Hospital has over 2700 members

Did you know? The SHARE Union at UMass Memorial Hospital has over 2700 members

SHARE leaders will receive the results, and intends to work with hospital leadership to understand what those data say about SHARE members' experiences at work. Our union will also compare the results to those of our own surveys. The more SHARE members fill out the survey, the more useful the results will be. We want to use the results to benefit SHARE members at work.

Survey Data Helps Your Department

Your manager will share the group's results for your work area. You will work with your team to figure out what aspects of your experience that you’d most like to improve, and how you will do it. 

The Survey Is Confidential, Quick, and You Can Do It at Work

The survey process is conducted by a professional outside survey company, Press Ganey. The survey is confidential, and is designed and administered in ways that ensure participants remain anonymous. In the past, SHARE has heard worries from members about survey confidentiality, but SHARE members have not reported problems with this agency. You should receive a link to the survey in your work email. The survey shouldn't take much more than ten minutes, and you are encouraged to do it on work time.

Thank You for Your Help

This is the second-ever system-wide survey. It also builds upon data collected by UMass Memorial over the past few years, which targeted select areas of the hospital. Together this information can begin to suggest trends--what's working and what's not--when it comes to your experience as hospital employees. Please let us at SHARE know if you have concerns about your own confidentiality, or about how the data will be used, and we will work with you to address those concerns.

Thank you for participating, and helping to create a more complete and accurate overview about the experience of SHARE members at UMass Memorial.