Things SHARE members should know about the possible University MNA strike

SHARE members are asking a lot of questions about what will happen if the MNA strikes for one day and then UMass Memorial management keeps the replacement nurses for an additional for 4 days. SHARE very much hopes that the University MNA and UMass Memorial can come to an agreement without the need for a strike. Just in case, here are answers to a couple of the questions that are most relevant to SHARE UMMS employees. (As you've probably heard, the Memorial MNA and UMass Memorial came to an agreement, so there will be no strike on the Memorial campus.

Q.  Should I go to work if the MNA goes on strike?

A.  Yes. The MNA is not asking SHARE members to stay out of work if they strike. The SHARE contract, like most union contracts, says we won't go on strike while our contract is in effect. SHARE employees would not be protected from discipline if they didn’t come to work.

Q.  I would like to show my support for the nurses in the MNA -- how should I do that?

A.  We expect that the MNA will welcome us to walk their picket line with them. You should do this on our own time: before or after work, or during your regular lunch break.

If you need information or advice during the strike, give the SHARE office a call. We'll be staffing the phones, and have SHARE organizers at the hospitals to help resolve any issues. If you get the voicemail when you call the SHARE office at 508-929-4020, leave a message at  for the general voicemail by pressing 0.