Agenda for October SHARE Member Meetings

1. Contract

a. How long will this take?
b. Raises:
  • when, how much, and retro
  • mins and maxes, structure, and merit
  • evaluations
c. Other things SHARE would like to do:
  • education, training and career development
  • work-life-family balance
  • “engagement”
d. The 3 big “time” proposals from the management team:
  • Overtime
  • Vacation caps
  • Personal days
e. Other policies discussed so far:
  • Performance Appraisals, Admin Decision, Emergency Assistance Fund, Internship, Contact with News Media, Personnel Action Approval, Transfer of Service to/from UMMS, Equal Employment Opportunity, FMLA & unpaid LOA, Employee Classifications, Inclement Weather, Work Injury

2. What Else is Going On?

a. Layoffs
  • Library
  • others
b. H59
  • MA bill to change the retiree health benefit
  • public hearing October 31
c. Ballot initiatives
  • minimum wage
  • paid sick time