Contract Negotiations Update

1. Raises

The last few negotiating sessions have been about raises -- both about how much the raises will be, and about how they are structured (the same for everyone, or performance-based, etc.) The SHARE team is currently reviewing a proposal by the management team that would link raise amounts to performance evaluations. We are collecting feedback from SHARE members at information meetings and in individual conversations. Please join us at a meeting, or call or email the SHARE office if you would like to discuss anything about contract negotiations.

2. Engagement

SHARE is interested in opportunities for employees to learn and grow in their careers at UMMS, and to have their contributions recognized. We have discussed these issues in negotiations, and are looking for ways to work together with the School to support employees' full participation in the workplace. Later this month, UMMS will administer a "Diversity Engagement Survey". We encourage everyone to fill out the survey.

3. Contract Information Meetings

Please come to one of the upcoming SHARE information meetings to get an update and give your feedback on raise ideas, ways UMMS could increase employee engagement, and other contract issues. (See previous post for times and locations.)

4. Mediation

SHARE and UMMS have requested the help of a mediator in contract negotiations. Employers and unions often use mediators to help make negotiations flow better, and go faster. The role of the mediator is not to tell either side what they have to do, but to offer ideas and facilitate the conversation between the management team and the union team.