Raises and Retro - Dates

Now that all of the people who needed to sign the SHARE contract have signed it, HR has given us a tentative schedule for the raises and the retro. Barring unforeseen circumstances,
  • the November 7 paycheck will reflect the new higher rate, with both the July 2013 increase and the July 2014 increase, and
  •  the December 5 paycheck will include all the retro owed for both increases. 
Apparently, HR Operations folks have to calculate all the retro amounts by hand and, with the upgrade of PeopleSoft, we are sure that they have faced a few challenges. We thank them for their efforts to deliver the raises and retro to SHARE members as soon as possible now that the contract has been approved by the President's Office.

If you have questions about the raise, the retro, or the timing, please email elisabeth.szanto@theshareunion.org.