for SHARE-UMMS Representatives and SHARE Executive Board 

Open positions this year are 

  • 1-year Representative positions: 10 for the main campus; 8 for South Street; 5 for the CCU; 3 for all offsite locations together.  

  • 2-year Executive Board positions: President; Secretary; and two at-large Executive Board members. (The other four Executive Board positions will be up for election in October 2018.) 

After the close of the nomination period, all nominees will be contacted to see if they accept the nomination and want to run for that office.  If there are more nominees than there are positions to fill, then we will have aelectionOtherwisethe nominees are considered elected. You will be notified about whether any elections are contested 

You can nominate yourself and other SHARE members for these positions  
Monday, October 23 - Tuesday, November 7 at noon 

Elections will bheld on November 15 & 16 
if there are contested positions 


Wednesday, November 15 
South Street & CCU 

South StCanada, 12-2:30pm 
CCU, 7-7:30am and 2:30-4pm 

Thursday, November 16 
Main Campus 

LRB Lobby, 9-10:30am 
Sherman AS8-2072, 11-2pm 
Main School S1-123, 3-5pm 

Thursday, November 16 
Offsite Locations 

Biotech One, 9-9:30am 
Biotech Two, 10-10:30am 
BNRI, 11-11:30am 
Chang Building, 12-12:30pm 
Shaw Building1-1:30pm 
Memorial Hospital, 3-3:30pm 

To run for Union Rep or Executive Board Member 
  1. You must have been a dues-paying SHARE member for at least 6 months prior to the election.   
  1. You must be nominated in writing by a SHARE member (either a co-worker or yourself).  
  1. Current SHARE Reps who wish to continue to be Reps need to be nominated again this year.
To nominate someone for Union Rep or Executive Board Member 
  1. Please send nominations by email to share.elections@theshareunion.org; or by fax to (508) 929-4040; or by U.S. mail to SHARE, 50 Lake Ave, Worcester, MA 01604. However you send the nomination, it is a good idea to call to confirm that it arrived. The phone number at the SHARE office is (508) 929-4020. 

  1. Nominations should include: 
the name, department and phone number of the person being nominated;  
the position for which they are being nominated; and 
the name and phone number of the person submitting the nomination. 

Nominations must arrive at the SHARE office by noon on November 7.  We cannot accept late nominations.  

Nominees will be offered the opportunity to decline the nomination. Anyone who does not decline is then a candidate. 

Descriptions of the different roles 

Below are brief descriptions of the roles of Union Reps and Executive Board Members. If you want to talk about what it would be like to be a SHARE Rep or to be on the Executive Board, or if you have other questions, please call the SHARE office at 508-929-4020, or talk to someone you know who is involved with SHARE.  

SHARE Reps: There is a Union Rep for approximately every 50 SHARE members.  A Rep is a contact person for their area. Union Reps get training from SHARE to move information between co-workers and union leadership.  Reps are elected for a 1-year term. 

SHARE Executive Board Members: Executive Board members have responsibility for the whole union. They make decisions about the direction of our union and participate in contract negotiations.