October Raise for SHARE Members

SHARE members will receive their second raise of our current 4-year contract with UMass Memorial on Sunday, October 6th. The raise averages 3%. You will first see your new rate in the October 17th paycheck.

The raise is $.23 + 2% per hour. The $.23 is an average of 1% for SHARE members and is added to every SHARE member's base pay. The 2% is added to your base rate if you are below your grade maximum. If you are at or above your grade maximum, you get the 2% as a one-time bonus. The grade minimums and maximums will go up by $.23, to keep up with inflation. The additional 2% moves you up within your grade toward your grade maximum, unless you are already at max.

You can calculate your raise (or raise and bonus) following the steps listed here.  (Or, for "increment based" SHARE job titles, you can find your new rate in the pay grids here. The grade minimums and maximums for peer-slotted jobs, such as Radiology Tech and LPN, are posted here.) To read the contract language that describes the raises, look here.

There are two more raises in this contract, October 5, 2014, and October 4, 2015. They are both the same amount as this raise.

Any questions? Call SHARE at 508-929-4020 and leave a message on the general voicemail. One of the SHARE staff will call you back to answer your questions.