SHARE 401(k) Info Meetings -- Off to a Good Start

The SHARE 401(k) Info Meetings are off to a good start. SHARE members are taking advantage of this opportunity to meet with SHARE Organizers, HR Benefits representatives, and Fidelity representatives for help with saving for retirement. So far people who come to the meetings fall into these categories:

  • Sign me up: Some folks come ready to sign up to start saving for retirement in the UMass Memorial 401(k) plan. They sit with a Fidelity rep and sign up on the spot with Fidelity's iPads.
  • Tell me about it: Some come to learn about the 401(k) -- how it works, how the match from management works, and how taking out an amount like 1% or 4% would affect their take-home pay. These folks sit together for a short information session with SHARE, Fidelity or someone from HR Benefits.
  • I've got a question: Some people come just to get an answer to a specific question.
  • I want to increase my deduction: With a SHARE raise coming on October 1st, some folks have decided that this is the perfect time to increase the amount they are having deducted from their check. If you start deductions or increase your deductions at the same time as the raise, you won't notice the difference as much.

It's a relaxed meeting. Feel free to bring your lunch. For the schedule of meetings, see below.