Scenes from the University Campus Craft Fair

Vince Pillari from the Blood Bank
The holiday season is off to a good start after the recent University Campus Employee Craft Fair. This year's event revives an old tradition that many SHARE members remember fondly. SHARE members--including Tanya Cournoyer and Rita Caputo, pictured below with their wares--helped to coordinate the event. Many other SHARE members showed off their crafts.

Vince Pillari, for example, from the Blood Bank, was glad to see the Craft Fair happening again this year. He was inspired to log extra hours at his workbench carving and soldering the ornaments pictured here.

“Ree’s Creations”

Tanya Cournoyer and Rita Caputo from Primary Care

Lisa Geneva from Employee Health at "Lisa's Soap Kitchen"
Genevieve Rentas from the Pediatric Clinic, with her daughter and their handmade wreaths