MyHealth Matters . . . It’s Not Too Late to Get $300!

My Health Matters is the UMass Memorial Health Care employee wellness program designed to reward you for taking care of yourself. If you haven’t yet enrolled, it’s not too late. But you have to act quickly.

When you participate in myHealth Matters activities throughout the program year, you earn points. If you earn 1000 points by October 31st, you qualify for a $300 Wellness Reimbursement Account deposit and entry into drawings for prizes.

You can use the program to track your progress--and earn those points--with challenges you select for yourself. Set goals to improve your energy level, nutrition, stress-management, self-knowledge, concern for others, and more.

And, as Jay Hagan, Memorial campus CT Technologist points out, "If you enroll, you can't lose. It's free money. Most of the things you get points for are things you're already doing."

Here's a hot tip to get you started: if you got your flu shot last year, you've already earned 250 points. There are many ways to grow your point-total quickly. You can rack up points if you record that you've gotten your annual physical, or signed up for a walking event, or gotten a dental cleaning, or completed your self-assessment online.

One more tip for everyone participating: the odds are pretty good to win one of the gift cards at the higher levels, so remember to log all of your activities before the drawing.

To login, learn more, sign up for challenges, or download the app for your phone, visit the myHealth Matters website.