SHARE Members Standing Together

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the SHARE signature poster. Titled "We Make a Difference," the poster is impressive, with 371 signatures surrounding the text, representing 80% of SHARE members at UMMS. (Our apologies to those SHARE members who wanted to sign but didn't get a chance before we went to print.)

Through individual conversations, and multiple information meetings, the negotiating team and other SHARE activists try to talk with every member. This gives the SHARE negotiators the experiences, opinions and support of hundreds of members to draw on when they talk with management negotiators. The poster is a beautiful visual representation of that collective knowledge and support.

Delivered to Management

Members of the negotiating team, with the help of other SHARE members, delivered copies of the poster to the members of the management negotiating team and other senior leaders of the Medical School on Monday, June 2. We are asking them to help us end these negotiations. The cover letter delivered with the poster reads, in part,
[Our signature poster] is in support of a fair resolution to the current SHARE-UMMS contract negotiations, but it goes beyond negotiations. It is a positive statement about who SHARE members are, and what they want their role in the UMMS community to be – learners, growers, earners and contributors. [...]   
These negotiations have gone on for a year, taking a lot of time from good people on both sides. Let's settle this in a way that meets the legitimate needs of SHARE members and the Medical School, and move on. There is so much important work we can do together.
In Your Department

If you'd like to display a copy of the SHARE signature poster for your personal work space or area bulletin board, you can either stop by the Old School Lobby, Thursday, June 5, 12-1:30, or give the SHARE office a call and we'll bring you one. (508-929-4020 -- leave a message if you get the answering machine.)

Thank you again for your collaboration and signatures, and for sharing your experiences and insights with our negotiating team.